Thursday, June 2, 2011

Celeb Jersey Cards #55 Don Rickles & Dean Martin

This is a regular series which combines my passion for trading cards with my interest in celebs.  Today I go old school with two entertainment legends.

Long before Spike Lee wore a jersey at Knicks games, Don Rickles could be spotted wearing a Dodgers jersey.  When the Dodgers moved west, they became he darlings of the Hollywood set.  Many Dodgers appeared on various tv shows and stars started to attend Dodgers games.  I enjoyed giving Rickles a Celeb Jersey Card because it is the oldest one to date.  Rickles looks good on a 1949 Leaf!
Joining Rickles on the Dodgers bandwagon is one of his running mates, Dean Martin.  Dino looks a bit off in the photo below, but he very well might have been a bit "off" at the time.  Although his Celeb Jersey Card is older than Don's, I am not a big fan of the Play Ball cards.  Of course, at the time, they were probably pretty cool.  Not cooler than Dean, but few things were!

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