Sunday, April 29, 2012

More On The Black Widow Trainer Series

Last week I ran the first part of my Q&A with Craig Odanovich author of The Black Widow Trainer series.  The most recent bok in what is being called a trilogy is Hanging By A Thread.  (I am still hopeful that the series does not end with a trilogy.)

Today I am featuring two other questions I asked Craig about TBWT series.  Craig was kind enough to add a little extra insight along with his answers.

Q-It seems you are aging Misty in real time. Will this limit possibilities for future books?
CO-The book series takes place over the course of about 5 to 6 years. This allows Misty the time she needs to mature. In Hollywood's way of thinking I should have started her out in her mid twenties. I disagree. Women today keep themselves in spectacular condition and are very stunning all the way up to the age of 50. I imagine Misty is in her very late thirties by the end of the book, so still spectacular. I have not decided whether I'm going to revive the series or not. We'll just have to wait and see.

Q-Do you have any other book ideas in the works?
CO-I don't have any other book ideas right now. I'll have to admit i spend a little time thinking about how I would revive the series if I chose to do so. Right now, I stay busy working with two wonderful screen play writers that are adapting The Black Widow Trainer into a screen play. As a first time author, my plot's in book two and especially book three are much more complete. This means the books get better as you read. They (we) have spent a lot of time strengthening TBWT's main plot for the movie. The subplot was always strong. The move came after hiring one of the top screen play analysts in Hollywood. Even though Dara Marks was extremely complimentary about Francisca Matos and Michael Borden's work and enjoyed how original the book is, she had some great suggestions that we felt would strengthen the overall play, so we are going back through making those changes now. By the way, Michael and Fran are very good with dialogue so readers of TBWT can expect a unique experience in the theater compared to the book.

I really appreciate Craig for giving us this insider's look at TBWT.  I hope I have turned on a few readers to this exciting, adventurous series. 
Check out the Craig Odanovich page at Amazon to learn more about all three books and to purchase them.  I am a book guy, but for those into Kindle, the price is incredible!

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