Wednesday, May 23, 2012

On the Beat with Sheri Shaw and Brian Judy of Resistance Pro Wrestling

Together, Sheri Shaw and Brian Judy are sstaria and together they make great music in and out of Resistance Pro Wrestling.  We got to talk to Sheri at "Obsession", but at "A Small Deadly Space", we finally got to meet her sstaria partner Brian.
Sheri is the Musical Director for R Pro.  Sheri and Brian provide all of the music for R Pro.  With a good sized roster and several new appearances every show, they have their hands full keeping up, but they are definitely up to that challenge.  They help keep the R Pro audience charged with their tunes.
They also have music outside of R Pro.  Their songs can be found on iTunes.  Johngy's Beat contributor Scott Beatty (a self-described music expert) loves sstaria's music.  I have just average musical expertise, but I love sstaria as well and will be getting their tunes from iTunes.
We talked to Sheri and Brian about writing music for and being involved with Billy Corgan and R Pro.  They talked about their future projects with R Pro and sstaria.  They also answered our "special" question about a theme for Johngy's Beat..  Check it out.  It's recorded here, although I am not sure if we can actually hold them to their answer, but how awesome would it be to have a Johngy's Beat theme!  Yeah, as if they aren't busy enough.
Seriously, we love these two.  They could not have been any nicer.  We hope you give them a listen.
After you watch the interview, go to and the sstaria Facebook page and follow sstaria on twitter to learn more about them and to get all of their updates.  Also, as always, check out to learn more about this cool organization!

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