Thursday, July 19, 2012

On the Beat with Spider One at Days of the Dead

Spider One immediately became one of my favorites when he opened our interview by joining the Jay Leno Club!  That's right...Spider One asked if anyone has mentioned that I resemble Leno...and it is right there on video.
From then on, it was all a blur.  No seriously, it was a great time talking to him.
Spider One (born Michael David Cummings) is the lead singer (and only continual founding member) of Powerman 5000, a metal band based in Boston.  He is also the brother of Rob Zombie.
I had a lot of fun talking to him.  He mentioned being on the other end of interviews, as he conducted some for FEARnet at a comic con.  It was interesting to see his take on it and who he wanted to meet.
Aside from his work with Powerman 5000, he created Death Valley, a mockumentary series on Mtv.  I really enjoyed the shows and hope to see more of them.  It's horror, comedy and all very entertaining.
Spider One was totally cool, making me feel at ease.  He had a steady stream of fans at the convention and was a hit with the horror fans.
After you watch the interview, check out and the Powerman5000 Facebook page to stay updated on Spider One and his activities.

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