Tuesday, October 23, 2012

On the Beat with Dave McKay of the Chicago Cubs

Continuing our coverage of the road trip to Minute Maid Park, I got to interview another of my baseball cards come to life.  It is always hard to believe that these guys were on the baseball cards I collected as a kid.
Anyway, Dave McKay had an eight career mlb career as an infielder for three teams.  He has been a coach for a long time, including many years with Tony LaRussa.  Now he is a coach with the Cubs.
McKay was hanging around the dugout, observing batting practice, having finished his time as practice pitcher.  I approached McKay and asked him about travel and his time with LaRussa.
I also told McKay that I have been a fan of his since my card-collecting days.  I think former players like to hear that if it is genuine.  I often recall former Cubs coach Matt Sinatro talking to me and asking me if I really knew about his playing days.  After I quickly spouted off several key points of his career, I think I gained a little more respect.  I hope the same is true with McKay.
If McKay ever reads this, I appreciate his time and consideration in talking on the field.  I also appreciate his years in the Twins, Blue Jays and A's, as depicted on those cards so many years ago.
Stay tuned for more interviews from Minute Maid Park or check out all of them on the JohngysBeat.com YouTube channel.  Also, you can go back and read Travel Favorites of Baseball Greats, the online piece I wrote for Global Traveler magazine.

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