Tuesday, November 6, 2012

On the Beat with Michael West at Days of the Dead 2012

I was cleaning up and reorganizing some files on my pc, when I realized I had never finished or published my interview with author Michael West from Days of the Dead 2012 in Indianapolis.  I had to correct this injustice quickly.
When I was researching celebrity guests at Days of the Dead, I was intrigued by Michael.  He is a horror author from Indiana, with several short stories and a few novels to his credit.  I love talking to relatively new authors on the rise and Michael fit that description perfectly.
I was really impressed talking to Michael.  He has a great sense of humor and he was very open and casual in our chat.  In subsequent communications with him, he was just as polite and patient as I requested various pieces of info.
We talked about Poseidon's Children (then recently released) and Spook House (since released) and a bunch of other fun topics, including whether the woods by his home are haunted.  Check out the interview below and then go to ByMichaelWest.com to learn more about this talented writer!

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