Tuesday, April 16, 2013

On the Beat with Jesse Anderson at Resistance Pro Wrestling's Mane Attraction

Jesse Anderson has had a rough life, but with a lot of hard work and some help from others, including his brother Billy Corgan, Jesse is doing just fine.  In fact, Jesse is one of the players in a production called Resistance Pro Wrestling.  That's right, Jesse is part of the pro wrestling world and he could not be happier about it.
Jesse first appeared in R Pro many months ago.  As is the case often in wrestling, Jesse turned on his brother Billy.  Jesse's character and role has grown ever since.  Jesse even was involved in a match and actually got a pinfall.  Such is the wonderfully magical world of pro wrestling.
I have seen Jesse at every show, but I ever talked at length to him until R Pro's Mane Attraction last week. Not only that, but we landed a short interview with him.  Was this his first ever interview as part of the R Pro roster?  JohngysBeat.com will claim so.
Anyway, for whatever issues Jesse has in the ring, he was very nice to us during our interview and after.
This is just another reason why I am so supportive of R Pro.  They are all about giving people chances. I have seen R Pro give wrestlers and staffers opportunities to shine in various ways.  Heck, they even continue to give me opportunities to cover pro wrestling and interview pro wrestlers.  Somehow it all works for R Pro.  I have never seen such back-and-forth support.
When I see Jesse at R Pro, I see a success story, one of many at R Pro.  Currently, he is in a storyline with Miss Prig, which is not a bad place to be.  It will be interesting to see what happens next and I will be there to see it and report back here on it.
After you watch our interview, you can follow Jesse on twitter to get all of his updates.

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