Friday, April 5, 2013

On the Beat with Kia Stevens at Resistance Pro Wrestling's Mane Attraction

Kia Stevens is amazing and awesome.  Both of those adjectives have also been used as part of her "Kong" ring name.  I had the real pleasure of meeting and interviewing Kia at Resistance Pro Wrestling's Mane Attraction.
Kia started wrestling professionally in 2002 and in 2008, Pro Wrestling Illustrated ranked her #1 in their inaugural list of the top 50 women wrestlers.  She was the TNA Women's champ twice.
A few months ago, Kia (aka Amazing Kong) appeared in Resistance Pro Wrestling.  She seemed to have her eyes set on Melanie Cruise and the R Pro Women's title.  Unfortunately, Melanie relinquished the title due to a concussion.  Kong won it in a 4-way match and is currently the champ.  At Mane Attraction, Kong teamed with the returning Cruise, but then turned on her after their win.
Kia has been an awesome (pun intended) addition to the R Pro roster.  She is a wrecking crew inside the ring, but she is great with fans outside of the squared circle.
Speaking of outside of the ring, Kia has been focusing on "The Kia Stevens Project," an upcoming television show.  You can learn more about Kia from the Kia Stevens Facebook page or by following Kharma on twitter.
I really appreciate Kia's time and consideration.  She is extremely busy and in-demand at R Pro events and I am grateful for the time we got with her.  As always, I am also grateful to the many folks at R Pro who not only tolerate us, but welcome and encourage us!

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