Friday, April 19, 2013

"The Johngy" By Milena Matic

The Johngy character started as a simple logo for my site.  Then it started appearing in all of my interview videos.  Next came tshirts.
My childhood friend Milena Matic has taken it to a whole new level.  She put Johngy on canvas.  It is cool, wonderful, beautiful, fun, awesome, outrageous and more all rolled into one (kind of like Milena herself).
Several of Milena's pictures hang in my house.  The fish she painted are in my main floor bathroom.  The skyline she created hangs above my fireplace.  I have also asked her about doing another painting, which will probably end up in my main room.
The Johngy though is different.  It is so amazing.  Milena even incorporated the skyline and the world, giving it a "Global Traveler" theme.  If I asked her to do this, I could not have envisioned it any better.
More amazing, Milena did this on her own as a surprise.  I was surprised for sure.  Surprised.  Amazed.  Blown away.
Milena is a gifted artist.  Please do yourself a favor and check out her creations at  You can also follow her on twitter at MoJi Expressions and check out the MoJi Expressions Facebook Page.


Jean Parker said...

Just love this picture along with the other artwork ....

Unknown said...

Thank you John for the nice write up I was surprised this morning when I saw it on facebook. You are a great friend, and will cherish our friendship always. Thank you John for your kind words.:)


Johngy said...

You rock. Thank you for your beautiful creations.