Friday, May 17, 2013

On the Beat with Adam Mock at C2E2 2013

Adam Mock is a true artist.  He loves art.  He believes in art.  He creates art.
I first met Mock at Wizard World in 2012.  He was promoting Fallen Superheroes, a coffee table book about "D list celebrities with extraordinary super powers," according to Mock.  It is a three man project consisting of Mock, Scott Allen Perry and Eric Curtis.  Fallen Superheroes is brilliantly illustrated and includes hilarious blurbs.  It features celebrities (including Doug Jones, Andy Dick and more).  Mock also makes an appearance in the book.
This is the second project for the previously listed three man team.  They (along with Doug Jones) previously created Mime Very Own Book, a book looking into the life of mimes.  It is hilarious and interesting.
I ran into Mock again at C2E2 2013.  The interview below is a recap of Fallen Superheroes and an update, too.
Mock is a genuinely nice guy.  He even tried to set up an interview for us with wrestling legend Booker T.  Unfortunately, Booker became hospitalized and could not make it to C2E2, but Mock's gesture was certainly appreciated.
This is another example of friends I ahve met through these conventions.  Mock is as nice as he is talented.  I plan on following his career and creations and I encourage all to do so, too.
After you watch the interview, you can learn more about Adam Mock at  Also, check out Adam Mock on Facebook and follow Adam Mock on twitter.

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