Monday, June 17, 2013

Friendly Encounters: Jean Parker and Rose Nestlehut Meet Little Vegas

This is a weekly series featuring friends who have met celebrities.

Is an iguana a celebrity?  I say it is, especially for the purposes of Friendly Encounters.  Besides, it is Las Vegas.  Anything can happen in Las Vegas.
On my trip there last month, we were all walking down the strip.  While the Nestlehut and Parker couples were looking for food or new places to gamble, I was looking for celebrities (or celebrity doppelgangers).
At some point, we ran into Little Vegas, an iguana.  A couple years ago, Matt Parker and I posed with a couple snakes.  This time, it was his mom Jean and Rose Nestlehut who were brave enough to pose with Little Vegas.
The ladies courageously gave themselves for the sake of JohngysBeat.  The handler gave them Little Vegas and then stepped back to capture the moment.  Look at them.  They are happy and smiling.  I am pretty sure Little Vegas is, too.  They showed no signs of fright either (but that could be the big margaritas we just had).
Rose Nestlehut, Little Vegas and Jean Parker in Las Vegas, NV-May 2013.


Jean Parker said...

Good times, with good friends and family!!!

Nancy said...

great pic