Saturday, June 8, 2013

On the Beat with Chrissie Zullo at the Motor City Comic Con 2013

I believe it was our artist pal Sara Richard who first turned us onto her fellow artist Chrissie Zullo.  As I discovered during our first interview with Chrissie, she was "discovered" in the DC Talent Search at San Diego Comic Con 2008.  She has been busy and we have been following her ever since.
At this year's Motor City Comic Con, we visited Chrissie to get her updates since last year.  As always, I will let Chrissie give you that info in the interview below.
Chrissie said she is doing a cover for Archie comics.  How cool is that.  So I asked her what she would love to draw and her answer was awesome (again, check the interview).  She is talented and funny.
Like her fellow artist Szra, Chrissie is a lot of fun.  I know they work very hard at their craft.  I know the convention schedule can be tiring (especially when hacks like me are constantly bugging them for interviews).  Still, these ladies always seem to be smiling and happy.  It's always refreshing to see them both!
After you watch the interview, head over to to learn more about Chrissie.  Also, you can follow Chrissie on Facebook and twitter.

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