Sunday, June 2, 2013

On the Beat with Dirk Manning at Motor City Comic Con 2013

My first interview with author-writer Dirk Manning was a few months ago and can be found at On the Beat with Dirk Manning at Dan Con.  I was really impressed and interested in his works.  When I saw he would be at the Motor City Comic Con this year, I immediately targeted him for an update interview.
We got the update interview with Manning, but I found out something later which makes me want to interview him again.  Manning is a wrestling fan!
That's right!  The man perhaps best known as the creative force behind Nightmare World, a horror comic series, is a fan of the men in the squared circle.
Now, aside from all of his great writing projects, I can talk to him about Roddy Piper and the rest of the wrestling world.  I can ask him if he ever read any of Mick Foley's fiction.  I can't wait to speak to him again.
Getting back to the interview, we discussed his favorite authors, his views on working the conventions, who he wants to see at conventions and more (except no wrestling, yet).  
I plan on picking up all three volumes of Nightmare World, the collection of stories from the online horror comic series.  I have read excerpts and found them very interesting.
If you see Manning at a convention go up to him.  He is very fan-friendly.  Until then, check out and follow Dirk Manning on twitter.

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