Tuesday, June 4, 2013

On the Beat with Robert A. Kraus (RAK) at Motor City Comic Con 2013

I have written several times about RAK (Robert A. Kraus.  His booth is a regular stop of mine at any comic con.  RAK is the creative artist behind Superfreeks, caricature sketch cards of various pop culture figures.
I usually pester him about doing Superfreek cards of anyone from Aquaman to Billy Joel.  Sometimes he has some of my requests, but sometimes I get too obscure (imagine that!).
At the Motor City Comic Con, I approached RAK about doing an update interview.  He obliged and we started recording.
Just a short bit into it, RAK hit me with a beautiful and really cool surprise.  He had done a Johngy Superfreek.  Oh how incredibly awesome this was!
Seriously, having a talent like RAK give me his take on the Johngy logo really was totally fantastic.  I am honored and ecstatic to haveit in my collection and soon to hang it on my wall.
After you watch the interview, head over to RAKGraphics.com to learn all about RAK and to see all of his creations.  It's a lot of fun just checking out all of his Superfreeks!

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Jean Parker said...

Pretty cool pic!