Thursday, July 25, 2013

Color Me Purple

I liked Star Wars.  Liked.  I did not love Star Wars.  It did not change my life.  I did not wait excitedly for the sequels (heck, I only saw the next two).
I admit for that time, it was very cool.  The effects were awesome.  Soon though, the stories got complicated beyond belief and the effects became too much.  At some point there is such a thing as overdoing something, even if it is a good something.
This year at C2E2, I saw a Star Wars character in a new light.  Actually, I saw R2D2 in regular light, but a different paint job.  R2D2 was purple!
A purple R2D2?  This I could find interesting.
Then I thought I had better check to make sure this really was a purple R2D2 and not another robot I did not know from the Star Wars franchise.  I'd hate to be accused of lazy journalism.
I found out that it is R2D2 with a custom purple paint job.  Now I could freely go on and on about how cool a purple R2D2 would have been.  Perhaps C3PO could have been a metallic purple.
In my search for answers though, I came across a picture on the MySpace page for Terri Runnels.  Apparently, I am not the only one who likes purple R2D2.
Then I had a thought.  Was this whole R2D2 purplization a clever ruse to get the attention of lovelies like Terri?  Wow.  If so, I have an even greater respect for it.
Heck, I would paint myself purple if I could get that type of affection.

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