Wednesday, July 31, 2013

On the Beat with Body Magic at Resistance Pro's "Stick It To Ya"

Yesterday, we featured an interview with Ashton Vuitton of Resistance Pro Wrestling.  Vuitton (one half of Body Magic) gave us the scoop that starting soon, every Wednesday will be "Ash Wednesday."
What that means is that every Wednesday, Vuitton will be posting new videos, pictures and other fun stuff on twitter.  How cool is that?  What a great gift he will be giving to all of his fans.  Remember though, you have to follow him at Ashton Vuitton on twitter!
Wait though, we are not done with our coverage of Vuitton.  Today we feature Vuitton and his Body Magic partner, Eric St. Vaughn.
At the recent Resistance Pro Stick It To Ya, Vuitton wrestled in a 10 man tag match.  As you saw yesterday, Vuitton suffered a neck scrape.  His team (Team Jocephus) won the match, but Vuitton was eliminated and not part of the victory celebration.
Throughout the match, ESV was stuck in the "coach box," an area designated by the Baron brothers to eliminate any interference from interested parties.  Needless to say, ESV and Vuitton were not happy about that development.
In any case, Contributor Extraordinaire Matt "Big Money" Parker secured our first ever interview with Body Magic!  They mostly discussed the match.
Also notable is the unplanned cameo appearance by Jocephus Brody.  When Brody wants to interrupt an interview, I am not about to try to stop him.  That would be a futile (and possibly deadly) endeavor.
We are very excited to bring you this insider's look at Body Magic.  The crew at is predicting big things for this talented tag team.  We see tag team titles in their future.
After you watch the video, check out Ashton Vuitton on Facebook, Eric St. Vaughn on FacebookBody Magic on Facebook and to get all of the info and updates.

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