Friday, July 19, 2013

On the Beat with Lita Ford at Days of the Dead 2013

Yesterday I wrote about a unbelievable experience courtesy of Lita Ford at Days of the Dead in Indianapolis.  After that awesome performance, I spoke to Lita and got the video below.
Lita has been rocking for a long time, but she still looks and sounds amazing!  How many musicians would even attempt to belt out a full song at a convention like she did?  Truly amazing indeed.
Lita's latest effort is Living Like a Runaway, which pays homage to The Runaways (her first band) and he defense-mechanism of running away at times.  This is a deeply personal project and her passion really shows.
I cannot tell you enough how impressed I was (we all were) with Lita.  I encourage everyone to check out and to look for Living Like a Runaway on Amazon or iTunes.
I want to publicly thank Lita for her time and consideration and again for that phenomenol performance which I included yesterday.

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Jason T. Carter said...

Lita is all kinds of awesome. Saw her on tour twice last year, one of which was a full solo show (on an off day from the Poison/Def Leppard tour) and she put on an amazing 90 minute performance. Can't wait for the live album!

JT, The Writer's Journey