Sunday, July 21, 2013

On the Beat with Walt Housman of the Chicago Rush-7/18/2013

Yesterday, I ran a few videos from the media session at a Chicago Rush practice earlier in the week.  I got one more interview, but this one was a one-on-one and was more general (and less about the big game with Arizona).  I wanted to run this one separately, because Assistant Coach Walt Housman gave us an interesting interview.
Part of the fun of this interview is Coach Hous was free ad easy with his time and the subject matter.  In fact, you will see that midway through the interview, I was ready to end it, but Coach Hous volunteered to keep going.  Fine by me.  I love this stuff!
Coach Hous was an offensive lineman at Iowa.  He went on to play four seasons in the Arena Football League and he also played for the 1987 New Orleans Saints.  Since retiring, he has coached in college or and AFL.  He joined the Rush staff in 2001.
Coach Hous and Coach Bob McMillen make a great team.  These men are "football guys."  They command respect and they get it!  Even during this somewhat turbulent season, the Rush is having an excellent season.
I love this interview.  From my perspective it is more of a conversation.  Coach Hous was willing to talk longer and somehow fishing became the topic.
Why not?  Anyone can get a coach to talk about strategy and get the same old quotes.  Here, he is talking about his biggest catch, where he fishes and a lot more.
This was so much fun.  I really appreciate Coach Hous giving his time and consideration.  Once again, I have to credit the Chicago Rush organization for continuing to be very accommodating.  The Chicago Rush is one classy and professional organization.  I am not only having fun covering the team, I am proud to be there.

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