Friday, August 23, 2013

On the Beat with the Chicago Bliss

Months ago, when I first got involved with the Legends Football League (LFL) and the, I had no idea how much fun I would have or how much I would really dig the Chicago Bliss.  Now, as the team heads to LA for their playoff game against the Seattle Mist, I am sad that I cannot be there.
First, let me state unequivocally, that these women are tough and the LFL is no joke.  These women are athletic, talented and fun.  They also happen to be beautiful, but that would not matter much if they could not play ball.
I have seen the injuries.  I have seen the pain, frustration and desire.  I have seen them work intensely to get where they are.  I have also seen the jubilation.
Leading the team is Coach Keith Hac, who seems to be the perfect man for the job.  He is definitely a football guy, but he is also well aware of the entertainment aspect of the LFL.  He is always very welcoming to the press and has been great to us at
Today, I am featuring interviews I did prior to and after the Bliss beat the LA Temptation to advance in the playoffs.  In fact, I got Coach Hac both times.  He was as interesting as always.
I also was able to interview star (or should I say "rockstar") quarterback Heather Furr, Dominique Collins and the injured Meredith Mulford prior to the game.  After the big win, an understandably emotional ChrisDell Harris gave us her thoughts on the win.
I respect and enjoy the Bliss players immensely.  They deserve fan support and media support, too. is firmly on the Bliss bandwagon.
For more Bliss coverage, you can check out the Bliss LFL website or look for my coverage on

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