Thursday, August 15, 2013

On the Beat with Robert King at Resistance Pro's "Stick It To Ya"

Yesterday we featured an interview with Mike Bellcaster, the Official Timekeeper at Resistance Pro.  We continue the theme today by featuring another non-wrestler, Robert King, Head Official.  King is our first interview with a wrestling referee.
Seemingly like everyone involved at R Pro, King has an interesting story.  His brother Justin is a ref at WWE, thus making them referee brothers.  That is quite an accomplishment.  Even more impressive, King is basically self-taught (although he recommends schooling for wanna-be future refs).  You can learn about King's career from the interview, but clearly this is one determined and talented man.
The ref is an often-overlooked but vital part of any match.  The ref must keep the rules and order, yet still allow the match to maintain a natural flow.  Let's face it, some wrestlers do bend the rules a bit.  Like any good ref, King knows how to maintain the integrity of the match without killing all of the fun.
King is also a personality without trying to be a personality.  The fans often cheer for him as he makes his entrance.
We hope you enjoy our first talk with King and we look forward to revisiting him down the line.  Until then, check out  Also, to learn more about King and get his updates, check out the Referee Robert King page on Facebook.

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Evil Zebra said...

1st off Robert King might be your FIRST interview ever with a REF, but either I was booked or you are saving the BEST for last!!!

That being said, he may be an OK ref, but I resemble one of his remarks...
and I beg to differ with him!!

Being a Ref IS an EZ job!!!

Take it,