Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Rowdy Roddy Piper

In keeping with the spirit of Roddy Piper, I did not create any clever title to this post.  Roddy is just Roddy, although when I write "just", it in no way implies anything insignificant.
Roddy is larger than life, while being rather sublime.  He is a contradiction in terms at times.  Actually, this follows his whole career.
Piper was always a main event guy, but rarely won a major title.  He didn't need one, nor did he even care to have one.  In a business filled with egos, Roddy seems to be rather humble and unassuming (as unassuming as a muscular man in a kilt can be).
When Hulk Hogan was trying to get into Hollywood and Ric Flair was closing down Charlotte every night, Roddy was probably back on his spread in Oregon.  Yet, Roddy might be the biggest star of all.
More important, Roddy appears to have maintained a normal life.  He has been married to Kitty for a long time.  They have four beautiful children.  You never hear of Roddy (or his kids) being in trouble.
I have previously documented my connection to Roddy.  I can't tell you how cool it is for me to walk up to him and have him know me.  Still, whether Roddy knows a fan or not, he makes sure to make the meeting special.  That's just Roddy.
I enjoyed watching Roddy in the ring.  I loved listening to him on the mic.  Now, I really enjoy the couple of times a year when I see him at a convention somewhere.
Just like this piece really did not need a fancy title, I think the picture below could have summed up this entie piece.  Roddy Piper is my guy!

Roddy Piper and me in Indianapolis, IN-July 2013.

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Seems to be very happy!