Sunday, September 15, 2013

Bear Down Sunday: Game #2

The Chicago Bears are 1-0 and host the Minnesota Vikings who are 0-1.  A 2-0 start would be a great sign for things to come, while an 0-2 start would really decrease the odds for Minnesota making the playoffs (historically speaking).
Tamikaze is a talented member of the Manic Attackers of the Windy City Rollers.  She came to Chicago via Minnesota.  (If you can't beat them, join them.)  Tamikaze is now a beloved roller (unless you are the opposition...then you don't love her so much).
I am not opposition.  I like Tamikaze.  I like and respect all of the women from WCR.  These women are tough, talented and fun.  This roller derby is not the roller derby from years ago.  This is real sport, where nothing is scripted.  These women compete and give it their all.
Tamikaze does not let her size stop her.  She does not let time constraints stop her (she has a family).  Nothing stops her from her passion.  She is a force on the track and I can't wait to get back and see her and the rest of WCR in action.
I hope the Bears take a page from Tamikaze's book of toughness.  I hope their defense can be called Manic Attackers, like Tamikaze;s team.
Tamikaze and me in Chicago, IL-April 2013.

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