Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Big Money (aka Matt Parker)

Matt Parker is the Contributor Extraordinaire at JohngysBeat.com.  He is also my nephew, betting opponent, friend and more.  Today is his birthday.
Oh, I can wax poetic about how great he is, how much I enjoy his company, how big of a help he is and on and on and I know that might give him a big head and he could print out this page and use it against me in some sick leverage game of his.  I have taught him well.  Still, better to write it and claim it was hacked (if necessary) than to actually verbalize it (where he could record it and play it back to me endlessly).
Matt is great and I am proud to be his uncle and friend.
I hope everyone joins me and wishes Big Money a Big Happy Birthday (and no, we are not betting on how many people actually wish him a happy birthday, but that could be a fun bet...)!
Matt Parker and me in Detroit, MI-March 2013.


Jean Parker said...

Happy Birthday Matt! Great picture!

Evil Zebra said...


I agree...that would have been a real great picture if the Jay Leno Wann-a-be had not photo bombed it!!!

That being said......

Where's the CAKE????

Take it,

P.S. We won't hold it against you because your the nephew of you know who..... It's not your fault!

Quyen said...