Sunday, September 1, 2013

On the Beat with the Chicago Bliss

Tomorrow night, the Chicago Bliss will face the Philadelphia Passion for the Legends Football League championship in Las Vegas at 9 pm (CST).  The Bliss have continued to improve and impress and go into the Legends Cup at 5-1, while the Passion is 4-1.
Statistically, the two teams are pretty close offensively.  The defensive stats are also fairly close, but one area stands out.  The Bliss give up far fewer yards per game (131-176).  I don't want to get bogged down in stats though.
Coach Hac has stated that nobody will stop the Bliss.  He also guaranteed past wins.  Some might call that coach-speak, but some have never met Hac.  Some have never seen him coach nor seen the Bliss play.
Actually, that is another topic, but I will quickly point out that those who have not seen the Bliss are really missing out.  This is fun stuff and the women are as tough as any athletes I have ever seen.  This is full tackle football with very little body-padding and just a thin layer of field padding.  These women give this their all and they deserve a loyal and growing fan base.
Getting back to Hac and his thoughts, I happen to agree with him.  I have watch the team and I have watched other LFL teams.  The Bliss deserves everything they have gotten and they deserve a championship.
The LFL writers have made predictions over the last five weeks.  Throwing modesty out the window, I can say that my predictions have won in each of those weeks.  That's right...I am five for five.  I will put my perfect record on the line and predict a 21-14 Bliss win!
Win or lose, I will applaud the Bliss on a fine season.  I also thank them for so much fun.  The Bliss is a great team.  I can't say enough about Coach Hac and all of the players.  I have interviewed or talked to most of the players at some point and they are all fun, intelligent and interesting.  Whatever happens tomorrow night will end the season and I am sad about that.  I have immensely enjoyed covering the Bliss.


Evil Zebra said...

All though I have enjoyed your videos of the Bliss interviews..... and Meredith Mulford is HOT!!!!!!!

I got mixed feelings about tonight, as you know the EVIL one was born and raised in the PHILLY area..... so I'm an EAGLES, PHILLIES, SIXERS and FLYERS fan.... so I gotta root for the ladies from PHILLY..... inless you can hook me up with Meredith, then I might change my mind!!!


Take it,

Johngy said...

Best in other words...The Bliss wins!!!