Tuesday, September 17, 2013

On the Beat with Greg Walker of the Atlanta Braves

Through no fault of his own, I was not a big fan of Greg Walker during the first few years of his career.  It all stems from my fandom of Mike Squires.  The two players and Tom Paciorek shared play time for a few years.  I wanted Squires to play and therefore was not a big fan of the other players.
After Squires retired, I actually became a fan of Walker.  Walker was a solid player, with a good attitude.  Except for the Squires factor, I would have been a fan of Walker's throughout his career.
I met Walker in Boston a few years ago, when he was coaching for the White Sox.  When we hit the field in St. Louis a few weeks ago, I set Walker as a main target.  Coincidentally, Walker was the first uniformed person we saw upon reaching the field.  I asked Walked for a quick interview, but he was busy and promised to get back to us.
This could always go either way.  He might blow off the request or he could come back.  Also, I always balance how hard to push for the interview.
Our questions were answered when Walker returned a few minutes later and gave us the requested interview.  He could not have been nicer.
I resisted the urge to explain my earlier conflict on cheering for him.  That is way too complicated and silly to get into while talking on the field.  I took my victory with the interview and walked away happy.
Thank you Greg Walker and I publicly apologize for not being behind you during your first couple years.  You have always been a class act and you deserve the fans' support.

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