Thursday, December 12, 2013

On the Beat with Michael Perez at Days of the Dead 2013

Sometimes at conventions, I stumble upon very interesting people.  At Days of the Dead 2013, I was early and roaming around, when I saw a booth about Return of the Living Dead.
I approached the booth and met Michael Perez.  Perez is the Executive Producer of More Brains!  A Return to the Living Dead.  It is not just promotional rap to say that this is the definitive documentary on Night of the Living Dead.
As you will learn in the interview with Perez, this is the real deal.  Thorough and intensive, More Brains! includes over 40 people directly involved in the Living Dead I, II and III.  These are the best sources to discuss Living Dead and to reminisce about it.
For Living Dead fans, this is heaven, but you don't have to be a Living Dead fan to enjoy this.  Living Dead is just one of those special movie series.

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