Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Johngy on Page 42

I will probably never appear on the cover of Global Traveler magazine, but I have appeared in GT as a writer. (I also appear as "Distribution Specialist" in the staff listing.  I have also occasionally appeared in pictures in the magazine.
The March 2014 issue is hot off the presses and there I am again on page 42.  I am pictured with GT Managing Editor Kim Krol and her friend Kate.  We were enjoying food, drinks and conversation, while at GT's 10th annual awards event.
It's always fun seeing yourself in print.  I appeared many times in Lerner Newspapers while I worked there.  I appeared in ads, event pictures and even with a byline for several stories I wrote.  (I never made the cover there either.)
It had been awhile since I last appeared in picture form within GT.  I am sure it was also at another GT party, though.  It should have been the Los Angeles party where I met actor Patrick Warburton, but it wasn't.  Johngy with Puddy would have been awesome!
I can't complain though.  I have made several appearances and I am happy with what I get.  For now (aka the month of March), I shall enjoy my (very minor) celeb status.
Hey, at least I proved I don't always wear a shirt!
Global Traveler March 2014 issue.

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