Thursday, June 12, 2014

Chicago Bliss Week: Yahshi Runs, Catches and Sings!

Simeon Rice is one of the most successful athletes to come out of Mt. Carmel High School, my alma mater.  Rice was almost a decade after me.  I never even met him.  Years later though, I met his sister and even interviewed her a few times.
Yahshi Rice is the younger sister of Simeon and she is quite an athlete, too.  Actually, she is multi-talented.  Aside from being one of the best defensive players in the Legends Football League, Rice also is a singer signed to Simeon's Hip-Hop/R&B record label, named "Lucid Dream Entertainment."
Yahshi is a force on defense.  I have sen her destroy opposing lineman.  She is a pleasure to watch and a pleasure to know.  It might hurt her tough LFL image, but Yahshi is a real sweetheart, like all of the Bliss are.  (Am I shattering their whole tough team image?  Will Coach Hac ban me from the team?).
She is having her typically excellent season.  I look for big things from her in the upcoming game against Seattle, as the Bliss continue their path of destruction on the way to the 2014 LFL title.
Come out to the game and see Yahshi and the Bliss in action.  A Bliss game is full of action, violence and beautiful women (especially on the Bliss side).  You can't lose and neither will they!
Yahshi Rice and me in Darien, IL-February 2014.

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