Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Maybe Mabry

My friends feared there might be trouble when I got press credentials for a St. Louis Cardinals game last season.  They knew that John Mabry, my longtime favorite, was a coach for the Cardinals.  Could I possibly contain myself?
I admit, I kind of staked out Mabry on the field and was determined to get some sort of interview.  I eventually succeeded and the interview can be found at On the Beat with John Mabry.
Mabry had it all to be a Johngy favorite.  He was versatile (having played 6 positions, including pitcher twice).  He played for 8 teams, but most importantly he played briefly for the Cubs.  He also had three stints with the Cardinals.  This was my kind of player.
I am never guaranteed an interview, no matter how determined I am.  The boys wanted to have some fun and make sure I got a picture with him.  The result is below.
Okay, it isn't exactly a picture with him (but it is closer than I thought I would get years ago).  Best of all, I did not do anything embarrassing or get kicked off the field.
John Mabry and me in St. Louis, MO-Summer 2013.

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Love the pic!