Monday, September 15, 2014

Friendly Encounters: Jack Keenan and Bridget McDonnell

This is a regular series about my friends who have met celebrities.

Jack Keenan has been a part of for the entire ride on the Chicago Bliss bandwagon.  He proved invaluable with his steady camera work, occasional interview skills and all around logistical assistance.
Bridget McDonnell was one of the first rookie hopefuls we met and interviewed in 2014.  Bridget not only made the team, but made some nice plays on special teams and on the offensive line.  She also has been referred to as "the Voice of the Rookies."  Bridget is always up for an interview and always delivers an interesting one.
We have met Bridget many times, but the best was the recent time on the field in Ontario, CA, after the Bliss won their second straigh Legends Football League title.
Jack and Bridget are both winners and have both made contributions to  I appreciate them and hope to see more of them here in the future.
Jack Keenan and Bridget McDonnell in Hoffman Estates, IL-June 2014.

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