Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Big Money, the Hulkster and Johngy

With all due respect, I was never a Hulkamaniac.  As I have documented several times, Roddy Piper was my guy.  Hogan and Piper do go together though, like some of the greatest pairs/rivals ever.
I didn't hate Hogan though.  In fact, I even cheered for him against some opponents (although certainly never Piper, no matter who was the "good" guy).
Like Hogan or not, you have to recognize him as one of the greatest pro wrestlers ever.  Hogan was one of the main reasons why the WWE (then WWF) changed the course of pro wrestling.  In his time, he was charismatic beyond belief.  Even after his prime, Hogan continued to be a main player for many years.  Even now, he can still get the fans going, although his days as an active wrestler are pretty much over.
Matt and I got to meet Hogan earlier this year at C2E2.  The encounter was brief, as he had hundreds of people in line waiting.  Luckily, our press credentials helped us avoid too long of a wait.  Even in those few minutes with him, you could feel his presence.  We were in the company of wrestling royalty.
Matt Parker, Hulk Hogan and me in Chicago, IL-April 2014.


Jean Parker said...

Great pic!!!

Evil Zebra said...

It would have be a GREATER picture, Jean
if EZ was in the middle instead of HH....

Just Sayin'!

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