Friday, October 17, 2014

Sam (and I) Did a Marathon!

About a year ago, my niece Sam proposed the idea of running a Marathon together.  I had not run one since 2001 and planned to be done running them, but the thought of doing one with Sam was enough to get me to change that plan.
Last Sunday, we both finished the Marathon.  Sam's time was 5:15 and mine was 6:31.  All things considered, I was very happy with my time, but this wasn't really about that.
This one was a year long journey with Sam.  We exchanged texts, emails, FB messages along the way.  I really enjoyed the banter, encouragement and silliness.  I loved going through the whole process with her on Marathon weekend.
I am so proud of Sam.  She is one tough young lady.  She endured some leg cramps and the usual (mental and physical) Marathon fatigue, but she kept running.  Knowing that she was running certainly helped keep me running.  The experience was great, but both of us finishing would be the capper.
I will never forget hugging her as we met post-race.  It was one of those moments frozen in time.  I will always have that special moment with Sam.
Congratulations to Sam.  She earned it and deserves all of the applause!  I was just glad to be there for the ride (or run).
Sam Parker and me in Chicago, IL-October 2014.

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Jean Parker said...

We all enjoyed the day with you and Sam! It was such an experience watching so many people, 40,000 or so, committed to running the Marathon. I will never forget that day! Congrats to you and Sam!!!!