Saturday, October 11, 2014

Superman is No Aquaman

Most kids have their favorite Superhero.  Some of us carry that into adulthood.  As has been well-documented here, I am an Aquaman fan (or an Aquaman man, if you will).
People always rib me and I do always feel slightly guilty about giving coverage to any other superhero, especially since Aquaman is so under-appreciated.  In my defense, I am a fan of the Chicago Bears, but I still would cover any other NFL team when gievn the chance.
Besides, I don't dislike other superheros.  I recognize the value and significance of Superman, Batman and the rest.  I just think Aquaman deserves to be grouped among the best, when he is listed among the worst in many spots.
Additionally, one of the latest additions to the Johngy shirt wardrobe is the Aquaman Johngy.  At least now, when I pose with any other superhero, Aquaman will be represented.  The additinal coverage for Aquaman cannot hurt the cause.
Me and Superman in Chicago, IL-April 2014.

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