Thursday, November 20, 2014

Johngy Is PsychoBabbling

Mike Preston is the creative force behind, a podcast done in talk show format.  Each show can feature pretty much anything from an Ozzy impersonator to a random assortment of comedians.  In short, PsychoBabble is aptly named.
I met these wackos while on Bliss coverage.  They did not go for the hardcore sports angles.  Instead, they went their own unique way.  With the Bliss, that way is far more entertaining.
PsychoBabbletv is sort of Johngy's Beat's goal.  I have no complaints about my site and my stuff, but Mike and the PsychoBabble crew just take it to another level.
This weekend at Days of the Dead, I will be teaming with them for a bit.  This should be a fun partnership.  We each bring something to the table.  No matter what, this should at least be a unique experience.
Mike Preston and me in Mount Prospect, IL-November 2014.

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