Thursday, November 13, 2014

On the Beat with Jeff Scanlan

When our Boys of Summer trip shifted to Milwaukee this year, Chuck Gekas mentioned his friend and fellow magician Jeff Scanlan performed at Miller Park.  Scanlan entertained fans with close-up magic at Sunday home games.  I thought it would be an interesting interview, but there was even more to the picture than I first thought.
Chuck and I found Scanlan near the right field concourse.  He had a consistent audience throughout his entire show.  Scanlan incorporated many of the kids into the tricks.  I am always amazed at the ability of magicians, especially performing up close tricks like this.  Scanlan entertained the fans with his tricks and with his interaction.  This was such a cool attraction at a ballpark.
At the conclusion of his performances, the three of us went to the Brewers offices to talk.  I figured Chuck would be the better interviewer, since he knew Scanlan.
Scanlan told a couple of fun stories about his performances.  Then Chuck asked about his other passion.  Here is where it got even more interesting.
Scanlan puts things inside of bottles.  Of course, I had heard of ships built in bottles, but Scanlan's skills go well beyond that.  I also learned there were others like him (although Scanlan loos to be the best) and that there are rules governing the craft.
Tennis balls, golf balls, perfect and new decks of cards and Converse high tops are just some of the things that Scanlan has gotten into standard bottles.  I checked his website and I still can't believe my eyes.  This is simply amazing.  His magic was impressive, but his bottle magic blew my mind.
The interview covers Scanlan's magic and also his bottle magic.  I am just fascinated by this.  After you watch the video, check out and to learn more about this talented man.
Thanks to Chuck for turning me onto this.  Thanks to Jeff for his time and consideration.  Thanks to the Milwaukee Brewers for their hospitality.

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