Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Happy Birthday Chuck

I have known Chuck Gekas for about 20 years, although technically I met him about 30 years ago at the Chicago Sun-Times.  Either way, Chuck has become one of my best friends.
In life you are lucky if you have a few people who you know will always be there for you when needed.  Whether for a laugh, support, advice or just silliness, I know I can always count on Chuck.  Like most friends, we have been through a lot over the years.
I can't believe Chachi is a multi-time grandfather now.  Those kids could not ask for a better grandfather, role model, friend.  Just ask his three awesome daughters.
Happy birthday to my dear friend Chuck.  Join me in raising a toast.
Before I end this, I must also wish a happy birthday to Chuck's "long suffering" wife Mary.  How she puts up with him is beyond me.  Together they are one awesome couple though and I give her 98% of the credit.
Chuck Gekas and me in Toronto, Canada-August 2012.


Jean Parker said...

Happy Birthday Chuck!
Hope you will be enjoying your day!!
Jean & Scott Parker

Chuck said...

Thanks Johngy!