Thursday, January 15, 2015

Marshe Rockett Holds RPro Gold

Marshe Rockett has been a part of Resistance Pro Wrestling right from the start.  As part of Da Soul Touchaz, along with Willie "da Bomb" Richardson, Acid Jazz and C Red,  Marshe has been a big part of the tag  team and singles scene.
Marshe is a fan favorite (a good guy or a face).  He has worked very hard at RPro (and elsewhere) to develop his wrestling skills.  When it came time to wrestle Jocephus for the title, Marshe was ready.
Marshe is a good guy in real life terms, too.  He is a teacher outside of the ring.  He is also a teacher inside the ring.  I have seen him give advice to many younger, less experienced wrestlers.  Marshe is a giving person.
It was great to see him win the title.  He deserves it and will represent RPro well.  We can watch the beginning of the Marshe era on Saturday, January 17, as he has his first title defense.  For tickets and more info, check out
Marshe Rockett and me in Lockport, IL-November 2014.

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