Saturday, January 31, 2015

On the Beat with Alli Alberts of the Chicago Bliss at the 2015 Tryouts

Alli Alberts of the Chicago Bliss is one of the toughest people I have ever seen.  I have seen her absorb hits that would take down men double her size.  One time, I was about twenty feet away from where she got crunched, causing her body to bounce off of the thin artificial turf.  Once again, this would have shut down most others, but not Alberts.
I remember meeting her for the first time at a collectibles convention years ago.  At the time, I did not know much about the Legends Football League.  I admit, I saw Alberts and completely underestimated her toughness.  I knew she was athletic, but that is a big leap to being someone who could take and deliver devastating hits on a football field.  It took me about five plays at my first Bliss game to realize how tough these women were and Alberts was one of the best.
She is also one of the sweetest.  She is always up for an interview or quick quote.  Like the rest of the Bliss, Alberts is very approachable and fan-friendly.
At the recent tryouts, we interviewed Alberts.  We talked about winning the title, moving outdoors to Toyota Park and more.
The only real fault I find with Alberts is her misguided allegiance to St. Louis sports teams, based on her roots.  Nah, I can't really even blame her for that.  At least her teams win titles.  Aside from the Blackhawks, the only titles Chicago has seen lately belong to the Bliss and Alberts!!!\
Check out the interview below.  Then head over to to learn more about Alberts and the Bliss!  Better yet, come out to a game and see them in action.  You, too, will learn how tough they are.

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