Tuesday, February 3, 2015

On the Beat with Lindsey Mikulecky and Nneka Nwani of the Chicago Bliss

Today, we feature an intervuiew twofer.  It was my pleasure to interview Lindsey Mikulecky and Nneka Nwani together, before the tryouts started.  As returning veterans, these ladies were there to lend a hand to the coaches and to help the Bliss hopefuls.
Last year, Lindsey was in their shoes and she earned a spot on the 2014 team.  She also earned a good amount of playing time and proved to be very valuable to the team, playing steady all season.
Nani also played well last season.  She came up with some pretty big plays and was a major contributor to the success of the team.
Both ladies are very much involved with fitness.  You can check out "GetFitWithNani" on Instagram to learn a bit more about her.  I love her tag line of "Personal Training Personality."
I have also followed Lindsey's training on social media.  She posts her fitness progress regularly.  Following her progression was one of the inspirations for my 2014 Marathon effort.
After you watch the interview, you can check out both women on their various social media spots or go to LFLUS.com.  Of course, you should also stay tuned to Johngy's Beat, as we will be covering the Bliss all the way to the threepeat.  Most important, you can check out the team in person at their home opener on April 25.

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