Monday, March 23, 2015

Friendly Encounters: Pete Richmire and LeToya Luckett

This is a weekly series about friends who have met celebrities.

What is it with Pete Richmire and beautiful women?  When I came across Pete, it was because of the lovely ladies of the LFL.  Today's Friendly Encounter shows Pete with LeToya Luckett, singer, actress and most definitely eye-catching.
Years ago, when I was attempting to reach the Media Manager with the LFL, I eventually hooked up with Pete, who was running an LFL website.  I became the writer for the Chicago Bliss.  I will always be thankful to Pete for that opportunity.
Unfortunately, Pete is no longer associated with the LFL.  He has his reasons and is very vocal about them.  Actually, I am no longer associated with the league website, but I cover the Bliss for Johngy's Beat and other sites.
Prior to all of this, Pete met LeToya.  The singer-songwriter-actress was an original member of Destiny's Child, before going onto solo success.
It really is unfortunate that Pete and I no longer work together.  I could certainly use tips from him.  Anyone who is surrounded by so many beautiful women must be doing something right.  I could use his help (or his overflow).
Pete Richmire and LeToya Luckett in the PacNW-March 2011.

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