Wednesday, April 29, 2015

On the Beat With James Finn Garner at C2E2 2015

We first met author James Finn Garner at C2E2 and we continue to catch up with him every chance we get.  At the recent C2E2, we met again.
James is the creative genius behind the Rex Koko clown noir series.  As I have written previously, I was immediately hooked by the concept of clown noir, but one I got my hands on the actual books, I became a solid Koko supporter.
The Rex Koko books are beautifully illustrated and fantastically written.  They are full of colorful clown characters and others equally as interesting.  These books are many shades of awesome!
I love interviews like this.  I have a lot of fun with James and I truly love his work.  Obviously, we both take his work seriously, but James is not shy about having fun with the whole thing.  Just seeing how he dresses at these conventions would tell you his general mindset.
After you watch the interview below, head over to to learn more about him, Rex Koko and all of his other work.  I am sure you will love his work as much as I do..

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