Saturday, May 2, 2015

On the Beat with Chicago Bliss Head Coach Keith Hac-2015 Game 2

Last Saturday, the Chicago Bliss moved to 2-0 by beating the Omaha Heart.  The 49-0 Bliss victory was not a surprise, as the Heart had previously lost 79-0 to the Atlanta Steam.
The Bliss expected this win and Coach Keith Hac planned on using a lot of his rookies and giving his veterans some rest.  Coach Hac had no intention of running up the score, like the rival Steam did.
This speaks volumes about Hac and the Bliss.  Clearly the Steam and the Bliss are headed for a showdown.  Actually, the game next Sunday, May 10, shapes up to be a "must win" for the Steam.  Even with all of the ammunition, Hac stated that the Bliss would not be classless.
Many people criticized the Steam for their actions in that game.  Steam Coach Dane Robinson even apologized after.  I don't think his apology healed all though.  I think this rivalry is just heating up.
In the pre-game interview below, Hac talked about the game against the Heart and the upcoming game against the Steam.  Hac was his usual brutally honest self.
As usual, the Bliss won and still did not get the proper respect from certain websites.  I might be slightly biased, but I think my recap is fair.  You can judge for yourself by checking it out on Tru School Sports at Chicago Bliss Beat Omaha Heart 49-0.

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