Saturday, November 7, 2015

Covering the "Pretty. Strong." Chicago Bliss

I have been covering the Chicago Bliss for the last three seasons and I have immensely enjoyed the experience.  There have been so many great times, like when my ace photog Jack Keenan and I traveled to Los Angeles to watch them win their second Legends Cup.
Among other benefits is that the Bliss have given me a lot of material and the stories I write for Tru School Sports are among the most viewed on TSS.  Lately, I have been recapping and reviewing Pretty.  Strong., their docu-series on the Oxygen Network.
All of those stories can be found via the links below.
I can't honestly say that I love the show, but I enjoy seeing the women on television getting more exposure.  I don't dislike the show either.  I am just finding it less than what I hoped it would be. As I write in most of my TSS pieces, the Bliss are a rich source of gold material.  Beautiful, athletic, intelligent, personable women playing football seems like a winning proposition.  It's what drew me to the team three years ago and has kept me hooked ever since.  I only wish the series showcased them in the light that I see them.
The show isn't failing.  It's just not delivering all that it could.  Maybe that is just my love for the team though.  Maybe I want the world to see the women that I have grown to respect and call friends.  I'v heard great reviews from others.  Maybe it is just me.  If I am guilty of that, it's because I care too much about the team and I want everyone else to see them how I see them.
Jack Keenan and me in Ontario, CA-September 2014.

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