Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Joel Adams at Wizard World Chicago 2015

At the last Wizard World in Chicago, I met Joel Adams.  Character Designer/Artist Joel Adams is the eldest son of legendary comic book artist Neal Adams.
Joel started out in comic books, progressing to cover design.  Eventually he moved onto animation.  His work can be seen on King of the HillMighty Morphing Power Rangers and many other animated shows.
Of course, I am drawn to his work on King of the Hill.  On, there are a few King creations.  I especially love the SuperHero comic con one.  My only suggestion would have been to have one as Aquaman (but that is just my Aquaman obsession speaking).  I just love these King bits.
Following in a famous parent's footsteps can be a daunting task, but Joel has definitely created his own legend.  He will always be Neal's son, but his work stands on its own..  
Recently, Joel has focused on Lilz, his series of big head big eyed characters, which he debuted in 2000.  Lilz and all of his other work can be found at  
Joel Adams and me in Rosemont, IL-August 2015.

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