Saturday, December 12, 2015

Global Traveler and Rob Lowe

Earlier this week, I spent a few days in Beverly Hills with the Global Traveler gang.  On the first night, we had dinner at the Palm.  Also dining at the Palm was actor Rob Lowe.
The Lowe presence set off a chain reaction of posturing, random picture-taking so he would be in the background and planning.  Tracey Cullen spearheaded the "picture with Lowe" project.  Her plan was simple.  She waited until he was finished with his meal and heading out.  She politely approached him and he graciously agreed to take a picture.
I wasn't really planning on jumping in the picture, despite my usual celebrity interest.  Things got wild though.  Suddenly, the group expanded and kept expanding.  When Louie joined the bunch, I had to squeeze in.  Okay, I admit, it looks more like a Johngy photo-bomb, butI'll take it.  I logged in a Rob Lowe photo!
For his part, Lowe was real;ly cool.  He asked about our group and took a few more pictures before leaving.  I probably could have gotten a solo shot with him, but I was happy enough with what I had.
The Global Traveler gang, Robe Lowe and me in Beverly Hills, CA-December 2015.


Nancy said...

Love the pic. Great that you got to meet Rob Lowe..

Jean Parker said...

Very cool!
Love the pic!