Friday, December 25, 2015

Missing Andrea Evans

I first discovered Andrea Evans back in 1979 when she debuted on television's One Life To Live.  That started my 35+ year crush on the lovely actress.
Andrea had a lengthy run on OLTL and shorter runs on a couple other daytime dramas.  She also appeared on a few other shows and some movies.
I will never forget the first time I met her.  She was appearing at a local mall promoting...well who cares what she was promoting.  I got to meet her!  I controlled myself though an did not gush too much.
I also had the pleasure of helping Andrea promote a walk for cancer for several years.  I was happy to help Andrea and a great cause.  Plus, it was so cool to work with Andrea on the project.
Unfortunately, I have not seen Andrea in several years.  For a while, I was seeing her at least once a year.  I miss Andrea.  Aside from being the object of my crush, she really is a sweet and funny person.
I have met a lot of celebrities.  Meeting one of my all-time favorites, having her be so nice and working with her a bit definitely ranks as one of my greatest celebrity experiences.
I miss Andrea.  Maybe this will be there year to see her again!
Mama Evans, Andrea Evans and me in Skokie, IL-Winter  2008.

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