Friday, January 29, 2016

Jamie Barwick Is Pretty. Strong.

As has been well-documented here, I not only cover the Chicago Bliss, I am a big fan of the Chicago Bliss.  The Bliss are full of very beautiful and athletic women, but each one is interesting in a special way.
Jamie Barwick sometimes flies under the radar on the Bliss.  Last season, she played center and came unser a lot of fire for some spotty play.  It was her first season at that position and the transition was not as smooth as all had hoped.  To be fair, despite lots of practice, the team only plays 6 regular season games, which makes it hard o really develop into a position.
Despite the criticism, nobody can ever say Jamie did not bust her butt.  She worked very hard and gave it her all.
This all played out on Pretty. Strong., the docu-series about the Bliss.  I predicted Jamie would be the unexpected star of the show.  As the series progressed, each Bliss lady got her time to shine, but Jamie's story was the most unique and perhaps inspirational.
The single mom was shown juggling those responsibilities with those of the Bliss.  In one particular scene, she threw all of her emotion out there.  We saw her passion and heart.  In a world where passion is overplayed, Jamie came off as so sincere.  It was highly emotional and moving.
The Bliss recently had a tryout and the 2016 season is a couple months away, but I am already gearing up for the season.  Jamie is certainly one of the key players I will be watching.  You can watch a little more Jamie and her teammates on Pretty. Strong. on Oxygen, which should be available on demand on your cable service.
Jamie Barwick and me in Bridgeview, IL-May 2015.

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