Saturday, January 23, 2016

My Friend PL Myers

PCW was the first independent wrestling organization I ever followed.  That's where I first met PL Myers. Like most successful wrestling characters, Myers was quite colorful.  He pushed the edge, but he never went over the top.  He knew how to play it always.  He was usually the most entertaining part of the show. Even as a "bad guy," Myers was always good to the fans of PCW.  I saw him many times do little things for fans.  We would often talk and we were always friendly, but that was about it. A couple years ago, we reconnected when Warden Myers made his debut in Resistance Pro Wrestling.  Especially during a time of a lot of turmoil in RPro, Myers was a steadying force all around.  We started to talk more and really became friends.  I was very proud to be invited to his wedding last summer. He's a really good guy.  He has stories upon stories of working with wrestling legends, like Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, Paul Ellering and Jim Cornette.  Myers has done it all and you can read about it in Gate to Gate, his autobiography.  I happen to own a signed copy, but you can get the book on Amazon, among other places. Sometimes it is funny how friendships develop.  My path with PL wasn't the typical friendship route, but I am happy and proud to call him a friend in any case.
PL Myers and me in Oaklawn, IL-March 2012.

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