Saturday, May 14, 2016

Rocky LaPorte: Comedian For Hire

Back in my younger days, when I was going to comedy clubs more often, I saw Rocky LaPorte.  I forget the details, but I remember seeing him perform.  I know he wasn't the headliner, but he was very funny.
Flash forward 20ish years.  We were in Las Vegas and decided to see Marc Price (of Family Ties fame).  I was shocked when the announcer introduced Rocky LaPorte as the opening act.
Once again, LaPorte was really entertaining.  In fact, he was so darn funny, he caused me to take a really bad photo (see below).  Obviously, we did not use a digital camera or I would have taken another.  I blame LaPorte for making me laugh so hard.
LaPorte is a comic lifer.  He has a long resume of standup, as well as movie and television roles.  You probably will recognize him, even if the name isn't familiar.  Either way, the guy is funny and I recommend anyone catching his act when possible.
You can get more info on him at  Check out his appearance schedule and then check out an appearance.  You will love him!
Rocky LaPorte and me in Las Vegas, NV-March 2011.

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