Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Mike Carey at Flashback Weekend

On, he is listed as M.J. Carey, but I know the actor as Mike.  I actually met Mike through Cuzz Gekas, but I was already familiar with his work.
Mike is a local guy, who had roles in movies such as Fancypants and Chi-Raq, along with television roles on Crisis and Chicago Fire, among others.  He is carving out a career of steady work.
I had an interesting moment with Mike at last year's Flashback Weekend.  He was at the table of a pretty big name actor, when I saw him.  I inadvertantly shunned the actor to greet Mike.  I'm sure the actor was a bit surprised.  In my defense, I was just seeing someone I knew.  Oh well.
Mike is a good, hard-working guy.  I hope to see him in more and bigger roles.  I also hope to see him again at Flashback Weekend, which is this weekend in Rosemont.
The headline name this year is Malcolm McDowell.  I'll be careful not to shun him if I see Mike first.  Actually, Malcolm might laugh at that because of the fun we had at another convention in Indianapolis a couple years ago (or he might kill me).
There are many other celebrities appearing at Flashback Weekend, including Kathleen Kinmont, Adrienne King, Amy Steele, Andrew Divoff, Robert Kurtzman and more.  It promises to be another great event.
For more info, check out  I hope to see you there!
Mike Carey and me in Rosemont, IL-August 2015.

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